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gadict dictionaries

About gadict

gadict is EN to EN/RU/UK dictionary.

There is some linguistic information on English language.

Look to dictionaries online (large files, several MiB):

Term of use is in LICENSE.

Download and installation instructions are in INSTALL.

To report issue just mail me <gavenkoa@gmail.com>.

Home page

Home page.
Home page (mirror).
SourceForge home page.

Project goals

  • Maintain EN to EN/RU/UK dictionaries that cover frequent words.
  • Provide structural data on term of public domain.
  • Supply additional information about English language and tools for creating and maintaining dictionaries.

Project quality

I check spelling with ispell/aspell like programs.

Pronunciation and translation of most words is cheched using free dictionries, learning materials and automatic processing with NLP tools.

Some articles (especially new one) may have typos.

See statistics on articles count for different dictionaries.

Project history

Project was started in 2009-06-28 as collection of irregular verbs which I tried to memorize.

Articles was formatted in Stardict TAB format. Later project switched to much verbose C5 dictfmt format.

C5 dictfmt format can't present linguistic markup so proprietary format was developed. There are writers that produce dictinaries in dictd format, Anki cards, HTML form for online access.

Software directories

ohloh home page for gadict