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Compiled on 2021-12-07 from rev 59b94ff17754.

Installing gadict dictionaries


Official sources tarballs and compiled builds are available at:

Compiled tarball provides:

Compiled tarballs have names like:


Source tarballs have names like:


Installation instruction for GoldenDict

Get distribution tarball and extract files from dictd directory in desired place.

Select Edit ==> Dictionaries... in GoldenDict menu (or just press F3) and add directory where you extracted files. Press Refresh button and enjoy!


Only *.dict.dz and *.index files are required for GoldenDict.

How to build and install using supplied Makefile

To build and install to /usr/local/ run as root:

$ make install

For regular user prefix is set to:


To install to different place run:

$ make install prefix=$PREFIX

How to uninstall using supplied Makefile

To uninstall run one of:

$ make uninstall
$ make uninstall prefix=$PREFIX
$ make prefix=$PREFIX uninstall uninstall-local-symlink

Register dictionaries in dictd server in Debian

For given directory /home/user/usr/share/dictd/:

$ su
# cat >>/etc/dictd/dictd.order <<EOF
# dictdconfig --write
# /etc/init.d/dictd restart
$ dictdconfig --list
$ dict -d gadict v